Care Home Kitchen Extraction Cleaning  - Clean Professionals provides the most competitive priced TR19 Kitchen Extraction Duct and Canopy Cleaning Services across Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London.

Specialist within the Care Home Sector we understand how important it is to ensure your grease ventilation system is maintained to TR19 Legislalation standards for both efficiency and safety and we provide the most competitively priced service within the industry.

We shall ensure your system is safe and maintained to a legal requirement and offer a non contractual routine service schedule to suit requirements.

kitchen extraction cleaning kent


Clean Professionals Care Home Kitchen Extraction Cleaning Kent, Sussex,Surrey and London provides a prompt reliable service avoiding and disruption to the operation of the Kitchen.

Did You Know?

Not only does the Periodic Grease Duct Cleaning, Grease Canopy Cleaning, Grease Fan Cleaning maintain the effiency of the system to its optimum perfomance it supports mechanical parts such as the fan from breaking down, It aslo esnures that the Kitchen stays well ventilated and assist the preventention of fires occuring.

TR19 Is a legal requirenment certification that is provided upon succesfful completion of our Kitchen Extraction Cleaning and is required to be presented to most isurers.

In the event of a fire caused by the lack of negligence to the Kitchen Extraction system due to the build up of grease accumulated your insurer may not settle the claim without a current and valid Tr19 Certifictaed proving the system has been cleaned to a legally standrad by a competent and certified body like ourselves.

Why Choose Us ?

We are trained and certified to issue TR19 Certfications on completion of our Care Home Kitchen Extraction Cleaning Services, We are also the most competitively priced within the industry without compromise on quality as we use the most state of the art CCTV inspection equipment and robotic cleaning equipment available.

We are a 24/7 operation and understand each Care Home will have different scheduled use times of their kitchen facilty's and are able to support a scheduled visit to suit your requirements.

We operate in a clean and tidy manner ensuring all prep benches, white goods and cooking machinnery is protected and kept clean during our process and shall always ensure we clean up any signs of our visit being carrried out.

We provide an effiency test report both Pre/Post of the extractionsystem  along with Pre/Post imagery of our works throughot showing the progression and completed result. This is presented along with your certification and any advisoires we require to document and notify.



At Clean Professionals we stand proud of our work and commit to each piece of work completed with dedication, We want the best results possible for you and ensure we complete our works with minimal if any disruption to your business.

We provide free no obligation quotations and free impartial advice,  Scheduled works to suit and accommodate access arrangements and a price match guarantee.


As well as using the latest equipment designed for thorough cleaning and extra quick drying times we also use bio friendly effective products that are safe for your office.

Our Machinery:

Using the most advanced Kitchen Extrcation Duct Cleaning machinery available to the industry we are able to clean all lengths of Grease Ducting both spiral round duct and square duct. We are also able to clean tall vertical risers od ducting or ducting that passes through an unaccesbale part of the building esnuring the most thorough clean of the system is carried out.


Services We Offer

  • Kitchen Extraction Cleaning
  • Grease Duct Cleaning
  • Grease Canopy Cleaning
  • Inspection Hatches Installed
  • TR19 Certification
  • Full Site Survey and Report
  • Pre/Post Images supplied
  • CCTV Inspections
  • Fan Cleaning
  • Filter Cleaning
  • 24/7 Service Cleaning Visits
  • Scheduled Service Programme

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Clean Professionals Kitchen Extraction Cleaning Services is an unrivalled for both quality of workmanship and for its competitive pricing structure.

We shall ensure your Care Home is safe and within Legal Requirements.

We will support you with your requirements and welcome your business.

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