Kitchen Extraction Cleaning Kent - Your Kitchen Extraction System is required to be maintained to a safe hygienic standard governed by a uk legislation for health and safety.

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Certified Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

Clean Professionals Kitchen Extraction Cleaning Kent are fully trained and complaint within the industry providing a certified clean to TR19 legislation.

Did You Know?

Many restaurant owners or health and safety appointed individuals have sometimes thought that having the canopy cleaned is sufficient.

The duct adjoining the canopy and its full route travel to the motor and exit of the building is also required to be cleaned throughout where accessible to a minimum of every 3 metres via installed access panels. Its important the grease is cleaned throughout the Kitchen Extraction System to prevent the spread of fire should this arise.

Legal Legislation:

Only a certified and accredited duct cleaning technician is able to sign off the works in order for it to be compliant, This will include a full report of pre/post images along with any advisories noted along with your certification to be presented for the local authorities and insurance.

Recommended Cleaning Intervals:

ExampleUp to 6 hrs per day6 to 12 hrs12 to 16 hrs16 + hrsMax inspection interval
No significant production of grease12 months12 months6 months6 months6 months
Moderate production of grease laden aerosols during normal daily food production12 months6 months4 months3 months6 months
Heavy , significant production of grease during normal food production6 months3 months3 months2 months6 months

Stay Safe Stay Legal:

Ensure that your system is maintained to a safe order in accordance with the usage table to decrease the risk of fire.

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Clean Professionals Kitchen. Extraction Cleaning Kent use the correct approved materials available and ensure your kitchen extract5ion system is maintained to a compliant standard.

We fit access panels as required and re seal ductwork when needed, Clean Professionals Canopy Cleaning Kent is the most comprehensive and competitive within our industry whilst also being one of very few who are actually accredited members.